What is QLED?


We’ve had LED technology around for decades.  LED, of course, stands for Light Emitting Diode.

So what’s the Q stand for in QLED?

The Q represents the Quantum Dot, but what the heck is a Quantum Dot?

According to Samsung, “Back in the 1980s scientists began experimenting with nano-particles and discovered that by adjusting the size of the Quantum dot particles that they could in effect render different colors across the spectrum with extremely high precision. And so it has been applied to TV technology. When the light source hits a Quantum dot in the SUHD TV display some of the energy is absorbed and then re-emitted as a longer wavelength dependent on the size of the particle. The resulting colors are incredibly pure so the images that appear on their big screen TV are wonderfully vibrant, all thanks to our Quantum dots brothers working diligently together.”

According to Samsung, QLED, (which is a proprietary Samsung Technology) provides 100% color volume.  That means richer, more life-like colors.

Samsung’s QLED also has other advantages including:

Ultra Viewing Angles

QLED presents an expanded viewing angle made possible by two special layers. They minimize leakage by focusing the light in the right direction and spreading it uniformly across the panel. Enjoy the brilliant colors at every angle.

Wider Range of Brightness

Quantum HDR optimizes  each scene with its varying HDR expressions. From the deepest of blacks to the brightest of whites, you’ll see all the subtleties the director created in HDR-mastered content.