Bed In a Box Mattress. What’s That?

Bed In a Box

Hey friends, welcome back to the blog! We’d like to talk today about a subject that’s both old as time and all-new simultaneously. Sleep. More specifically, the furniture you sleep on. No doubt you’ve seen advertisements for boxed beds all over your feeds, pages and videos. They’ve really taken off! As the technology behind bed in a box gets more and more cutting-edge, the curiosity behind them grows. A couple of years ago the idea of taking delivery of a whole mattress (be it queen, king or even California king) in a box the size of a mini-fridge was unthinkable. Yet here we are, enjoying space-age comfort on engineered air. It’s exactly what we call it – an entire bed in a box!

“But what is a bed in a box?” you ask.

Fair question. At its core – no pun intended! – a bed in a box is a highly engineered block of foam (or a “sandwich” of layered foams) that is flattened and rolled up for shipping. These high-tech mattresses stay completely undamaged in the process due to their ingenious construction. Imagine a sponge filled with water. You squeeze it. Water comes out. Does the sponge get destroyed in the process? Not at all! It bounces back to its original shape and air refills the cavities where the water used to be. These foam mattresses are essentially specially-made sponges. Sure they’re far denser than the one you use for your dishes but the concept is roughly the same.

Mattress Densities

“BrandsMart,” I hear you saying. “How do they put the bed in the box?”

Another good question – and I am so glad you asked. This might be one of the coolest things ever. You see, depending on the size and density of the mattress, most manufacturers can simply slip the entire assembly into a heavy-duty plastic “envelope” of sorts. From there, these sealed mattress bags can be powerfully vacuumed (sometimes a large press is used to help kick-start the process) and once that bag is void of air, they seal it! Unable to suck in air to refill itself, the mattress kind of takes a nap. From there you can roll it up like a burrito, slide it in a box and send it off to the customer. We know it sounds crazy, but clearly it works! Bed In a Box companies have been doing it for years.

“Okay BrandsMart, and then what?”

Knock knock, you open your door to a box about the size of a mini-fridge. You have to be careful opening her up – you don’t want to nick the plastic bag before you get the whole thing out of the cardboard, after all. Lay it out on your box spring or bedframe, wherever its final position should be, and carefully slice the bag open. It’s like magic; you watch the bed come to life before your eyes until it’s swollen up to full size. Super satisfying. There’s good reason an entire YouTube category dedicated to this one thing popped up. Afterwards it’s as simple as disposing of the packaging and letting the mattress rest for a while before using it.

Have I made a believer out of you yet? If you’re starting to consider jumping on the bed in a box bandwagon then you’re not alone! Droves of people are making the switch every year. There are a few more things to consider if you’re at this point. Does your current box spring and bed frame make the grade? If not, well we’ve got you covered. Another pretty sweet perk with these foam mattresses is that they match exceptionally well with powered mattress frames thanks to their incredible flexibility. Seems a shame not to take advantage of every selling point, doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter the size, be it the humble twin or full, the ever-popular queen, or even a California king, these powered mattress frames will angle you for optimal comfort for rest or TV watching. Obviously, if you’re gunning for a flexing frame you’re going to skip the box spring entirely.

And there you have it! Pretty cool, right? We wanted to clarify the subject after a couple customer questions and spread the news. Hopefully we managed before you made any decisions on your next bed – these are major investments in your life, after all! Investing in your sleep is among the most valuable things you can possibly do for yourself.  Getting a deal on the mattress of your dreams has never been easier. Sweet Dreams!

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