High Definition

There are lots of myths about HDTVs.  One myth goes like this:

All TVs are high def these days. 

Another myth is that:

All TVs are basically the same.

Those two statements could not be more wrong.

First of all, high definition is about the TV’s resolution.  And every TV has a different resolution.  While virtually every new TV you buy today will be considered “high definition” all that means is that it’s not a TV from the 1900s.  When shopping for a TV, it’s important to understand that there are differences in the screen resolution.

Basic HDTV

The most basic HDTV is advertised as 720p.  The 720 represents 720 lines of resolution.  The complete breakdown is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall.  This resolution is good, but it’s the most basic high definition TV you can get.  Usually, you only see smaller TVs offering 720p resolution.  This is where the cheapest or most affordable TVs can be found.

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Full High Definition TV is Television with 1080p resolution.  A 1080p TV gives you 1,080 horizontal lines of resolution.  The full resolution is 1,920 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels tall.  This is very good TV resolution.  Of course, we’re talking about the individual pixels.  Something to consider is that a smaller 32″ 1080p HDTV and a huge 75″ 1080p HDTV have the same exact number of pixels despite the larger TV being twice as big.

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Now we’re getting to the better TVs.  A 4K TV, also known as Ultra High Definition TV, has a significantly higher resolution that is most noticeable on larger TVs.  A 4K TV has a resolution of 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels tall.  A 4K TV has 4X or 4 times the resolution of a Full HD 1080p television.  That translates into clearer and crisper details.  It’s pretty simple; A 4K HDTV provides 4 times the detail of a standard 1080p HDTV because it has quadruple the number of pixels.  Now, more and more streaming services are offering 4K content.  Heck, many of the videos you shoot with your cellphone may already be in 4K.  The only way to make your 4K content shine is with a big 4K TV.  And even if you don’t have 4K content, most 4K TVs will upscale the content to 4K resolution.  4K TV is the better format to use today.

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If 4K Ultra High Def TV is better than 1080p HDTV because it has 4 times the number of pixels, then what would happen if you quadruple the number of pixels again and create 8K TV?

The answer is you get the best TVs money can buy.

We’re talking about 7,680 pixels wide by 4,320 pixels tall.  That’s quadruple the resolution of 4K and 16 times the resolution of a 1080p HDTV.  Simply put, the highest quality detail money can buy.  8K TV especially shines on larger formats.  If you’ve never seen the 8K difference, we invite you to visit a BrandsMart USA showroom near you so you can compare the highest quality TV money can buy.

Wait.  What if I don’t have 8K content?

Don’t worry.  These TVs will upscale what you are watching to provide the best detail and picture quality.  And don’t forget, many of the photos you have with your digital SLR camera are in such high resolution, that only an 8K display can truly show the quality of your photos.

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If you want a good, basic, budget television, then look for a small 720p TV.  If you want a good TV with good resolution, look for a deal on a full high definition 1080p TV.  If you want a far superior TV, that is ready for much higher resolution at really great prices, look no further than a 4K HDTV.  Now, if you want the best TV money can buy, the answer is clear.  Get an 8K TV.


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