If you’ve seen or heard any recent news about Smart Devices, you know they are unparalleled in simplifying day-to-day tasks. 

Did you forget to turn off the oven before leaving the house? Easy. Pull up the app right on your phone and check-in seconds, then go on about your day without worry. That peace of mind can be achieved only by way of Smart Devices.  But did you know there are numerous additional benefits to getting Smart?

We’re going to outline the five biggest reasons to make the move to Smart Devices, from ovens and refrigerators to electronic locks and thermostats.


Many Smart Devices like switches, thermostats, and plugs pull double-duty and “keep an eye out” for certain things in the house as background tasks. This Nest Protect not only detects smoke and carbon monoxide, but it is also aware of the temperature, humidity, and occupancy of a room. As a bonus, a built-in pathway light is connected to the occupancy sensor to make nighttime travel between rooms particularly easy. Smart Devices such as these are even intelligent enough to know when they’ve failed daily self-checkups and will alert you accordingly. The Nest Protect promises up to 10 years of life. Could full-spectrum safety be any easier than that?



Who hasn’t seen a doorbell camera video recording on the morning news?  Security may be the most compelling reason to switch to a Smart Device, with peripherals that record audio and visual both day and night.  Smart Lights can be set to toggle on or off (from a hub or an app on your phone) to keep the driveway or front door lit or can be set to turn on whenever they sense movement.

The Ring Doorbell is jam-packed with smart features. Sensors in the front respond when someone approaches, knocks or rings the bell. The bell sends a notification to you on your device, allowing you to one-way video call whoever is at the door through a built-in camera and microphone on the front. Additional services allow for recording so you can download them later for law enforcement or otherwise. Most devices are even compatible with Smart Assistants like Alexa to make the process both hands- and hassle-free.

Smart Locks are extremely popular for those with visiting family or little ones on their way home from school. These locks can be actuated from your phone or tablet via an app; you may even have Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant take care of matters for you. These locks give complete control over entry into your home and even save records of who comes and goes and when. This Smart Lock from August is highly popular and can be augmented with keypads or phone-scanning electronic deadbolts to function precisely as needed.



One of the biggest appeals of a Smart Appliance is how easily and flexibly they can be connected. Imagine checking on a roast in the oven while turning down the AC plus double-checking that wine is in the fridge to cool in one fell swoop. Interconnectivity doesn’t stop there – Smart Wi-Fi routers, bulbs, and plugs may be scheduled to turn on and off through apps. Hands full of popcorn? Call out to your Smart Assistant to lower the lights and start the movie…and never look back on movie night hassle. Smart Assistants can even keep track of your shopping list and create replacement orders as the need arises.



Perhaps the most overlooked aspect when considering a Smart Home transition is a positive impact on value. Consumer Reports states that homes with Smart Technology may command up to 5% greater market value than comparable homes lacking these upgrades.  This makes sense. As times change and the market trends towards Smart Tech (an increase of almost 33% over the last five years noted a Coldwell Banker survey), it will become more and more desirable by home buyers. Current trends suggest that more than 60% of homes will feature some form of Smart Tech by 2021. Incorporating these devices into your home now provides value twofold: Making things easier today and adding value tomorrow!



Saving money for customers is our passion at BrandsMart USA and it would be remiss not to mention that embracing Smart Tech could do the same. A study by Nest showed their Smart Thermostat can save annually from 10%-12% on heating and 15% on cooling as it adapts to your needs.

Consumer Reports backs Smart Washers that use nearly 50% less water, and Smart Dryers have the ability to stop mid-cycle when they sense the humidity in the drum is at an appropriate level, saving electricity.

Smart refrigerators can sense and cool within specific sections of themselves to avoid using too much power, and some are even equipped with cameras and screens so you can see inside without opening the door.  Speaking of open doors…you locked your keys inside the house.  How much is that locksmith going to cost?  Not a penny if you have a Smart Lock open it from your phone!

Truly, Smart Devices will pay for themselves over time.


As the world grows increasingly hectic and Tech becomes Smarter, it will be more and more valuable to invest in your home, where peace of mind and ease of living are priceless.  Visit us at www.brandsmartusa.com and scroll down to our Smart Home, Security and Wi-Fi department to get the ball rolling!