BrandsMart USA hosted the STREET JUKE CAR SHOW on July 13th, 2019, from 6pm to 9pm at our West Palm Beach location! Island Boyz Conch Shack and its team of Food Trucks with entertainment, our friends at AudioPipe and, of course, some of the most insanely tricked-out vehicles on the road!

“JUKE IT UP!”  Ha!  I smile as I hear this from the BrandsMart USA employees.  Saturday was a night to remember as our car club Street Juke did a collaborative car show with BrandsMart USA and Island Boyz Conch Shack.  It was a fantastic event of togetherness, friendship, and a passion for cars.

That philosophy has always been Street Juke’s platform.  One quote I always keep in mind is, “A dream can be fulfilled by starting with a passion.”

Street Juke is a car club working to re-energize the car scene and restore this common bond amongst local car enthusiasts.  Street Juke is a phenomenal social event where people who speak the same language…cars… get to know one another.

As time goes on, Street Juke pushes to expand and receive more and more exposure to achieve our goal of even further success.  So much has been achieved over the course of two years since we started the Street Juke page.

We attended many car meets, gaining friends and followers along the way.  This eventually enabled us to host our very own shows thanks to the help of our friends at BrandsMart USA allowing us to borrow the West Palm Beach parking lot for a few hours to host this amazing event.

Street Juke has garnered outstanding reviews and tons of positive feedback from followers and fans. Currently, we have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram!

Thank you, BrandsMart USA, for helping us achieve this outstanding achievement!!

-Street Juke Inc.


Don’t miss out on our next event on August 17th at the West Palm Beach Store!