Fan Made BrandsMart Commercial


Shot out to YouTuber JarlSonkin and the fan made old school BrandsMart USA Commercial.  We especially like the VCR for $48.88 and the VHS Video tapes for $.58 each!  Well played.

Here’s the High Quality Version:

Here’s the vintage effect version:

In case your wondering, here are the lyrics to the BrandsMart USA jingle many of us grew up with:

“Buying the BrandsMart Way…for the best prices.

Buying the BrandsMart Way…It’s Smart!

For name brand audio, video, and more.  Appliances, computers, come see what’s in store.

Buying the BrandsMart Way…the best selection.

Buying the BrandsMart Way…YOU’LL SEE!.

That’s why more people say, “I like buying at BrandsMart U.S.A!”

Buying the BrandsMart Way!”

We couldn’t let you watch that video without also sharing the video for our newest location in Dania, Florida.

And don’t forget our Memorial Day Sale going on now at your local BrandsMart USA Store.

Memorial Day Sale!


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