Halloween is right around the corner.. so we at Brandsmart USA found the time to celebrate in style between delivering smoking hot deals and “quality testing” copious amounts of candy.. Our trio of HR ringleaders – Maria, Susan and Janet, jumped through flaming hoops to create a spooky zombie-clown infested atmosphere.. And boy, did they!

Welcome to the CarnEVIL!

Enjoy some Rotton Candy. Do you hoop? Try the skull toss. Win enough tickets and you can trade them in for your very own Deaddy Bear! But watch your ankles, there’s a mad mini-clown screeching around the place in his bloody clown-mobile.. Check in with Zoltan the undead psychic clown and see if surviving the rickety Ferris wheel is in your future. If not, perhaps a visit to the Kissing Killing booth is more your speed..


It’s sure to be a screaming good time.