Hey BrandsMart fam. Another Wednesday, another feature-packed blog! This week, Corporate Trainer and all-around cool guy Tony Perez introduced us to JBL’s Bar 9.1 Home Theater System with Dolby Atmos®. Bit of a mouthful, isn’t it? Thankfully, JBL puts just as much time and thought into their products as they do with the names.

Bar 9.1 is a powerhouse. The Bar 9.1 sets the cinematic bar extremely high with a number of powerful features. We’ve said it before here on the BMUSA Blog – when it comes to entertainment, immersion is KING. The Bar 9.1 gets this done seamlessly.

You’re looking at 820 watts of total system output. Powerful as that is, even a million watts would be wasted on a system that couldn’t put that power where it needs to be. And that is truly where the Bar 9.1 comes into its own. Flanking the main soundbar are two detachable speakers. The genius of this system can’t be overstated – this revolutionizes immersive and surround sound. JBL has made it irrelevant what size or shape of the room you’re enjoying your media in, you can place the satellite speakers wherever you want for up to 10 hours of truly wireless, truly a 3D sound experience.

Before, it took careful planning, cable-setting, and all kinds of brackets to set up a truly 3D sound system. JBL pushed right through the problem of needing to mount anything to the ceiling by building speakers that fire sound forward and upward at the same time.

The big game? Movie night? Concert? You might as well be there inside the screen. The added punch of Dolby Atmos® ensures crisp highs and booming lows whether you’re watching from courtside, protecting the galaxy, or just jamming out. The Bar 9.1 has WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility and can stream from almost any source, so it doesn’t matter where your media is coming from or where you are In the room – it’s gonna sound great. Great sound is why you’re looking for a sound system in the first place of course, but why not also make it truly wireless and effortless while you’re at it?

Seems to us like JBL’s got it all figured out with the Bar 9.1. Big sound, no hassle. We think it’s worth a look. As always, it was great having you by. From your friends at BrandsMart USA, we look forward to seeing you next time.