Pump up the Music


We are going to skip the mumbo jumbo and get into the facts of this insanely powerful MX-T50 party speaker. It’s time to get this party started—with 500 watts of power; the beats of this sound system will definitely keep the good vibes flowing.

Get the inside scoop of what this party speaker can do from our product specialist–Maber Encarnacion below:

As you can see, this MX-T50 party speaker will keep you bouncing all over your home. With the holiday season coming up, just think about all the exciting playlists you can enjoy with close friends and family. Just remember to keep gatherings to a minimum.

MX-T50 Party Speaker


You know what they say…”Gimme that bass”…and this party speaker does just that with dynamic bass that boosts with the touch of a button. Not to mention the bi-directional sound. What is that you ask? Great question. Bi-directional sound is simply a wider radius of room-filling sound. You experience heart-pounding beats from anywhere in the room. Can you see the possibilities? Placing this speaker around your home, in the backyard or by the pool will keep the party going all night long. If you’re worried about water damage to your speaker, you can rest peacefully knowing the MX-T50 is poolside ready. Meaning, it’s splash resistant, so the music never cuts out.


MX-T50 party speaker


Creating the right lighting with party ambient and dance modes will come in handy when you’re home alone or entertaining a smaller more intimate crowd.

Before we forget, you can even sing your heart out with the Karaoke mode. Ever dreamt of being a pop star? Here’s your chance to blow the roofs off. This party speaker was designed with “YOU” in mind, it has all the features you need…plus it’s portable. You can move it anywhere in your home or if you’re on the road.


So…if you love entertaining or maybe you enjoy a little “me” time, this MX-T50 party speaker is right up your alley. Check it out today online or stop by one of our stores and see it in person.

Hope you enjoyed the read…see you next time.