Make Your Voice Heard Loud & Clear


Have you seen our girl Maber’s video on the JBL Quantum gaming headphones yet?

We know you’re busy – leaderboards don’t top themselves after all. So we’ll keep this quick – here’s why you need this headset if you’re looking to take your game to the next level and compete at the top.

Unmatched sound fidelity – there are footsteps around the corner, boots on gravel. Protecting the objective has never been easier now that no one can sneak up on you. When you factor in JBL’s Quantum SPHERE 360 3D audio positioning on PC suddenly not only can you hear those footsteps, but now you can tell exactly where they came from. This is tactical gaming at its peak.

Communication – coordination with the squad is the most important factor in team games. The JBL Quantum family does this with ease, providing active noise and echo canceling. The Quantum ONE even comes with a Discord-Certified inline audio/chat balance dial, supported by two onboard sound cards. If you’re multitasking, say something like gaming and streaming, you already know how strong the ability to quickly move in and out of separate voice channels really is. Keep it seamless, keep it moving, and keep on winning.

Supreme flexibility – gamers don’t just play one game. And no game sounds optimal using another game’s settings. The Quantum has the horsepower you need to make this a non-issue. Featuring a suite of controls for sound, RGB, connectivity, and more, the Quantum not only allows you to custom-create the perfect sound curve for every game but has space for you to save multiples. Putting down the FPS and picking up a racer? No problem. Don’t bother fiddling your sound settings in-game, just set the Quantum to the right profile.

JBL reminds us that “Sound is Survival” with the Quantum Family and clearly they’ve designed and built the tools and tactics necessary to win into these powerful headsets. If you’ve been looking for a new setup then you really need to go no further; JBL produced seven different models with seven different levels of usability. Visit our site to compare.

Thanks for swinging by. We’ll see you next time!