Every Seat Is the Best Seat


Hey all. Hope your 4th was a great one!

Let’s not waste any time–you’re here because our girl Maber just finished filling you in on the Samsung QN82Q800TAFXZ’s jaw-dropping technical specs and cinematic features. Movie night will never be the same.

Picture this. Family and friends are ready for a show. The popcorn’s been popped. Drinks poured and lights dimmed. You turn on the game, start the movie or fire up your gaming console of choice and suddenly you’re there! What do you mean what do I mean? We’re talking about 3,800 square inches of eye-popping 8K color and artificially intelligent surround sound management from six built-in speakers, after all. The only thing you’re missing is that one guy two rows down at every game who, for whatever reason, is more interested in heckling than having a good time.

You haven’t EXPERIENCED your favorite dinosaur-reviving theme park movie until you’ve seen it on the QN82Q800TAFXZ. The immersion is unparalleled. Between real-time smart picture adjustment and sound that literally follows the on-screen action (thanks to Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound+) you might find yourself almost too close to the action. Just remember, Tyrannosaurus’ vision is based on movement. It’s definitely going to be a movie night no one will ever forget.

Gamers will appreciate Samsung’s Real Game Enhancer+, a bit of programming that adds motion-clarity to your game display by automatically reducing halo and blur effects during high-speed scenes. If you’re looking to take your game to the big leagues, this is the way to do it.

Between gatherings with loved ones for a shared show or elite online gaming sessions, the Samsung QN82Q800TAFXZ is unmatched in form and function. Swing by one of our stores to see the power of this machine up close if you can. If not, we have a team of product experts ready to answer your questions on our site.

Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you next time.