Hey there BrandsMart family. This week, product specialist Keeyon Barr introduced us to Samsung’s latest entry into the true-wireless headphone market, the Galaxy Buds Plus. These premium Bluetooth phones sport a total of 22 hours of playback time and IPX2 water resistance, making them ideal for literally anyone looking for bomb sound in a sleek package. Really, Samsung designed these earbuds to bring comfort, power, and convenience to every end-user. But we think there are a few who might get the absolute most from them.

The Commuter
Everyone has places to go and things to do. Doesn’t matter how you get there – car, train, bus or plane -the fact of the matter is that travel is part of everyday life. It doesn’t have to be a necessary evil, though, not with the Galaxy Buds+. Thanks to automatic pairing and one-tap control it’s never been easier to keep entertained in transit, whether connected to your tablet, phone, or smartwatch.

The Athlete
We mentioned an IPX2 waterproof rating earlier. According to Samsung, this means they can handle a few splashes, a little sweat, and even the occasional spill…Perfect for the weightlifter, cross-fitter, or jogger looking to pump up their sessions with music. We think the svelte weight of the buds will be appreciated by hikers and climbers, too. Perhaps most importantly, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ comes with an enhanced “Ambient Aware” feature, which allows the user to control exactly how much noise can filter in from the outside. Spatial awareness is important in strenuous and outdoor activity, so we think these earbuds fit very nicely into the space needed for bicyclists too!

The Office Worker
Connectivity is the name of the game in an office (home or otherwise) environment. From taking and making calls to plugging into video meetings, the Galaxy Buds+ will increase your productivity. With built-in Swift Pair, your Galaxy Buds+ can quickly and painlessly connect to your Windows 10 computer. Switching between inputs is as easy as a tap. Downtime will be a thing of the past. Enjoy unparalleled control with the partner Apps for Android and iOS and never look back on handsets or slow calls ever again!

So there you have it. If wires and in-line mics have had you down for the longest time and you’re ready to get into some serious tech, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is for you. Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you next time.