Hey BrandsMart family, welcome back to the blog! This week, our Product Specialist Keeyon Barr introduced us to the trend-setting Retrack Utopia 360 WiFi Camera and walked us through a couple of its features. We think this little camera is cooler than the other side of the pillow for a number of different reasons, so we wanted to talk more about it!

You may have watched and thought “Who is this for?” but friend, that’s the wrong question! The right question is “How many ways can I use this?” Spoiler alert, the answer is “a whole lot of ways”.

But first, let’s sort of break down the Utopia. What’s the big deal? What’s a 360-degree recording? Really it is as simple as it sounds, the Utopia is able to capture motion video and still images in a spherical way. Images are digitally stitched together from the forward and backward cameras captures, resulting in a sort of global, panoramic image. This technology has been around for a hot minute – but the Utopia takes it a step further, not only storing these pictures and videos in built-in expandable storage but by streaming as you go. WiFi connectivity makes posting a breeze.

You can take everyone with you wherever you go with a full view of the surroundings, connected directly to your phone via interchangeable connectors for Android or iOS phones. Nature hike? Not all of us can get out into the great outdoors nowadays, not with COVID sanctions making day-to-day activities more complicated than ever. A panoramic video of your hike is second only to being there yourself and is sure to lift spirits!

VR (virtual reality) is gaining popularity of late. Imagine putting on a headset to see and hear everything as if there yourself! At the time of writing, the author has actually been thinking about setting up 360-degree I-Spy images for his young nieces and nephews to enjoy. I can see them spending hours hunting for small clues buried in a busy shot of an intersection or scanning the covers for treasure in a crisp shot from my favorite comic book shop.

Send someone a 3D birthday card and let them delight in moving around their phone to see the family grouped around the camera and waving. Show your friends your new place as if they were there, so they can help you pick your furniture. Attach the Utopia to a drone for unbelievably dynamic videos.

The Utopia from Retrak is as versatile and powerful as your imagination. The ease of use and smart features aren’t there to make a statement, they’re there to help you make a statement. For the price, this is one of our favorite gadgets this year…And we think you’ll agree. Good seeing you again! We’ll catch up next time.