Air Fryers and You

Who doesn’t love fries? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average American will eat 30 pounds of fried spuds a year. That’s a lot of potatoes! Unfortunately, that golden crispy deliciousness comes with a dangerous passenger: fats from cooking oil.

All is not lost! If like us, you can’t bear the thought of a world without French fries you are in luck. New technology has made the low-fat French fry (and a host of other crispy delicacies) a possibility: The Air Fryer.


Air FryerThe concept is actually pretty simple. See, deep frying works because cooking oil delivers heat rapidly and evenly to your food from all directions. Oil is a great heat conductor – far more effective than air is. But you can make up for that decreased efficiency with increased intensity, and that’s what Air Fryers do. Using induction, these appliances rapidly cycle screaming-hot air around your food to cook it from all sides – much like you’d see with a deep fryer.


Air FryerThe results are golden-brown fries, nuggets, and veggies with sizzling skins and a whole lot less fat. But the possibilities don’t end there! Reheat those leftover wings or pizza. Bacon and Air Fryers are best friends. Burger patties, meatballs and fish come out juicy and crispy. Don’t get us started on cheese sticks. The list goes on and on.

These units can multi-task in the kitchen a little bit too. Small baked goods and other desserts can be prepared in them. If you can fit a Bundt pan in the basket of your Air Fryer you’re already halfway to easy doughnut holes and cakes among other things.

Most units come with smart timers and loads of safety features like precise temperature control and bright digital screens. Some even have pre-programmed settings for common favorites. Models come in a range of sizes and most feature dishwasher safe removable parts! Could it possibly get any more guilt-free?Air FryerSwing by a store location or our Fryer page and have a look for yourself! If quick and healthy meals are on the menu in your future then you will not find a better price anywhere else.