Hey again and welcome back to the blog, BrandsMart fam. This week our boy Obaid showed us outdoor entertainment in style with the Samsung Terrace TV. The Terrace is everything that indoor TV’s are while staying rock-solid and weather-resistant. An anti-reflective screen and up to 5 times the brightness of other TV’s means you won’t miss a single detail regardless of weather conditions. Samsung keeps it classy with 4K resolution and the entire suite of Samsung Smart Things built-in, ensuring you won’t be sore for options while viewing outside. An IP55 rating means the Terrace is highly Water, Dust and Weather-resistant – so you can mount it anywhere with confidence.

The Terrace comes in 55, 65, and 75-inch models and can be made complete with a matching Terrace Dolby Soundbar that’ll ensure the whole backyard can hear what they’re seeing with sound quality as high as the picture quality.

We like to think of gatherings out behind the house, the grill fired up and the game on just a few feet away. You won’t have any trouble doing both at once, since the Terrace comes with smart voice-assistant tech built right into its remote. Flipping burgers couldn’t get any more entertaining than that. Just don’t get too absorbed into the Terrace and forget to flip them!

Outdoor TVWho doesn’t like movies? Getting outside has been sort of taboo lately, but outdoor movie night is the perfect way to get some fresh air. Grab the family and pile up out back for a midnight matinee. The Terrace is an ace during the day when sunlight threatens to distort the image from less capable TV’s, but the game completely changes when you’re staring down the barrel of the Terrace’s 2000 nit brightness. That’s five times the average QLED panel brightness!

Picture this. You’re in the pool and your pal Chris gets the lyrics to some song wrong. But he insists he’s got it right. Well, we can’t let that one slide. You pick up your Terraces’ remote and ask it to bring up your lyrics on screen. The party doesn’t stop because Samsung has screen-splitting horsepower built-in. On the left, your radio channel, on the right…Chris’s demise! The point here is that Samsung didn’t skimp on tech just to gear the Terrace towards the outdoors.

It’s pretty clear to us that the Terrace is the one-stop-shop for outdoor entertainment. Powerful, sleek, and resistant to some of the worst weather, it has the skills to pay the bills and the muscle to back it all up. We can tell Samsung kept usability and visibility in mind at the forefront when designing the Terrace and we think you’d agree. Check them out today on the site if outdoor entertainment excellence is what you’re looking for. As always, thanks for stopping by. We’ll catch you at the next one!