2020 Redefining You

In 2020, Wearable Tech is going to become as ubiquitous as the Smartphone it gets paired to. From smart watches to headphones, virtual reality headsets, action cameras or fitness trackers, the key to a red-hot start to a NEW YOU in the NEW YEAR is the cutting-edge support that comes from these powerful and portable devices.

Athletes from every corner of the gym appreciate on-the-spot heart rate, distance or calorie burn data that phone-paired, personal assistant devices provide. When it comes to dialing in your times and maximizing your gains there’s no better coach than the one right there on your wrist.

Who doesn’t love music? Do you travel or commute? Wires get in the way? Make music easier and more comfortable than ever to listen to in 2020 with our huge selection of wireless and truly wireless headphones. These units won’t disappoint with their rechargeable long-life batteries and high quality sound. It’s 2020, nobody has the time for muddy audio or tangles!

For the cinema and gaming lovers you can’t possibly get any fresher than our catalog of Virtual Reality devices. Take yourself to new places in the new year – under the sea, among the stars or to your favorite scenes in your favorite movies. These devices transport you through crystal clear audio and video to just about anywhere you want to be – and with the proper accessories paired you could be saving the day in these fantastic worlds. Talk about reinvention!

Action cams have become completely popular on the web. You can’t login to your favorite social apps without seeing clips from skydivers, athletes or travel bloggers recorded from a high definition action camera! You know the ones – strapped to snowboarder helmets or doggy vests. Our favorites include divers and pet channels. Blogging and selfie videos are only going to get bigger in 2020, so go big with a top-shelf camera!

We have big plans for the new year and we’re sure you do too. We’re planning on working SMARTER than ever with the latest in tech and software and want the same for you! Reinvent your Smart Wearable Tech game with BrandsMart USA!