Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Florida Distracted Driving

You may have seen the email we sent out in June about Bluetooth devices and the new legislation regarding texting while driving. It has become a primary offense to text while driving as of...

Storm Preparedness

Our Audio Buyer and VP of Merchandising Frank Lozano says, “Not every storm turns into a hurricane but preparedness is paramount regardless.” We agree, and prefer the phrase “Storm Preparedness” one a week. That’s...

Five Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Home Devices

If you’ve seen or heard any recent news about Smart Devices, you know they are unparalleled in simplifying day-to-day tasks.  Did you forget to turn off the oven before leaving the house? Easy. Pull...

Congratulations to our Bose Frames Winners

These are just some of the pictures from customers who participated and WON a pair of Bose Frames Sunglasses at BrandsMart USA.  Click here to learn more about the contest and how you can...

BOSE Audio Meets Cool Sunglasses for Ultimate Phone / Music Experience

Summer is here and it's time to put on your shades.  But the geniuses at Bose have decided to make your life simpler and way cooler. Introducing the Bose Frames Sunglasses. SPEAKERS BUILT-IN We're talking about the...