Saturday, May 25, 2019

Fan Made BrandsMart Commercial

Shot out to YouTuber JarlSonkin and the fan made old school BrandsMart USA Commercial.  We especially like the VCR for $48.88 and the VHS Video tapes for $.58 each!  Well played. Here's...

Throwback Commercial: Andy Pita Having Fun at BrandsMart USA

A look back at the behind the scenes shots of Actor / Comedian, Andy Pita, having fun shopping at BrandsMart USA.  
#BrandsMart Mom Contest Winner

#BrandsMartMom Contest Winner

Congrats to our Mother's Day Giveaway winner @kweenphantom05 ! We hope your Mom enjoyed her $1,000 BrandsMart USA shopping spree  #BrandsMartMom. Thank you for sharing your shopping spree photos with us.  Of course,...

BOSE Audio Meets Cool Sunglasses for Ultimate Phone / Music Experience

Summer is here and it's time to put on your shades.  But the geniuses at Bose have decided to make your life simpler and way cooler. Introducing the Bose Frames Sunglasses. SPEAKERS BUILT-IN We're...
Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree

Win a $1,000 Shopping Spree for Mom!

INSTAGRAM VIDEO CONTEST! Just 3 easy steps to enter: Head to your local BrandsMart USA store and bring your smart phone. Take a video inside the BrandsMart USA store and tell us...

Jacob Forever Shopping at the Miami BrandsMart USA Store

Jacob Forever in the house at the Miami BrandsMart USA Store!  Jacob, thanks for visiting!  You're always welcome at BrandsMart USA!  

Customers Winning BrandsMart Gift Cards with Ellen Degeneres Cash Grab Event

Customers at the Sawgrass Mills BrandsMart USA were registering to win prizes including FREE T-Shirts, Gift Cards, and even a brand new 65" HDTV.  It was all part of the Ellen Degeneres...

Hassan Whiteside a Hit at BrandsMart USA’s JBL Event

Hassan Whiteside was a huge hit at the recent JBL event held at the Miami BrandsMart USA Store.  Both figuratively and literally. JBL was hosting the JBL Dare to Listen event.  It...

Sony or Samsung…Which do you prefer?

Which do you prefer?  Sony or Samsung?  Both are great brands that make great TVs.  We love both of them, but we know our customers sometimes have preferences of one over...

Odyssey – Upshot: AR Bow And Arrow With Multiple Apps

Introducing a brand new, virtual way to game that puts you in the middle of the action!Its no secret that augmented reality (AR) has dominated todays gaming landscape. Its easy to...