Lift Chairs In Space?

Lift Chairs in Space?

Okay, so your first thought when someone says “Lift Chair” is helping your grandparents stand up. Don’t deny it. You are not alone!

Granted, over 11.2 million people have a physical disability and over 600,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed each year.  The lift chair is an obvious choice for those people.  But, what if someone told you that some lift chairs have the same technology NASA pioneered to relieve stress on the spine of Astronauts during take-off.

Interested yet? Now let’s add a massaging feature and the strength to hold up to 700 pounds on some models.  What you now have is a chair that can eliminate pressure on your spine, help relaxation of the neck and back with increased lung function and circulation.

Lift chairs are manufactured with multi-positioning chairs or “chaise seat” construction, using steel frames and furniture grade hardwood/plywood materials.   The designs and fabrics used today in lift chairs are the same you will find in the regular recliner found in most homes.  In fact, many people are now considering lift chairs instead of the everyday recliner.  The fabrics are attractive and durable.

What is Zero Gravity?

Lift Chairs do not defy gravity.  Even with all the massage elements running and in full recline, you’re not going to suddenly fly off into the bright blue sky.  Lift Chairs do not hover, float nor are they weightless. What they do, is assume the same position astronauts use to help distribute a user’s weight across the chair. This allows for a deeper experience that is claimed to be so effective, that you will feel virtually weightless as a result.


What about the chairs that don’t include the zero gravity function?  These chairs have benefits too.  Some have massage and heat as well.  But most importantly, the lift function makes it possible to stand, virtually from a seated position.

How To Choose?

There are chairs with Infinite, three or two positions;

  • Two position chair:  Has a lift position and a slight recline position.  As the user reclines in a two position lift chair, their back and thighs will stay at about 90 degrees.
  • Three position chair: Reclines to about 135 degrees, which allows most people to sleep.
  • Infinite position chair: Allows the chair to go fully flat and the back and the feet to move independently. This type positions the feet higher than the heart.


Do you still think Lift Chairs are for grandma?

Didn’t think so. It’s amazing how technology and innovation this advanced is in a chair associated only with health issues.   Next time you’re in the market for a new favorite comfort chair – take a look at one of these chairs before you decide.