Catch Fluffy in the Act!

396283_10150431255783837_924612865_nNothing is better than going away and having complete and total piece of mind about your home. Was it really your pet Fluffy getting into the gifts, or was it just your family peeking to see what you got them? Know for sure what’s going on at your home inside and out!

One of the best features about cameras today is that technology has vastly changed the playing field of Home Security. 395551_10150431263053837_667096271_nYou are now able to know what’s going on 24/7! You can watch the live video feed straight from your cameras to your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android phone! There are even some cameras that come with a built-in motion sensor that can record AND notify you by e-mail of any suspicious activity.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to go all out in order protect your home. Mix it up! By positioning plain sight dummy cameras mixed with real ones, professional thieves won’t know the difference. Even posting warning signs is a simple yet cost-effective way to help deter criminals from targeting your property.

“Alright BrandsMart… but, I don’t know how to set up all that stuff…” Well, of course we can help set up your Home Security System! Our professionally trained and certified Tech Team can mount your security cameras and also conceal the wires leading back to your DVR.

So go ahead and relax!