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Installation Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Installing Smart Thermostats

Days are getting hotter and hotter down here in South Florida and this turned our thoughts to something indispensable in our native Sunshine State – air conditioning. BrandsMart USA takes cooling and heating seriously, so we stock as many quality models as we possibly can. Check them out here!

We’d like to go a level deeper, however. Have you ever considered a smart thermostat for your home? Today’s blog was written specifically to answer common questions about Smart and WiFi Thermostats. We’ll take an in-depth look at the “What”, the “Why” and the “How”. As for “Who”, well, maybe you! Read on. 

“BrandsMart, What is a Smart WiFi Thermostat?”

Saving money is our passion and we’re sure it’s yours too. These gadgets make it so easy.
Saving money is our passion and we’re sure it’s yours too. These gadgets make it so easy.

You might think the name pretty much sums it up. For the most part this is true! At the most basic level these devices are thermostats connected to the network in your home (and by extension your phone, tablet or other sensors on the same network). Now…if at first that seems unnecessary, consider this: The “Smart” in “Smart Thermostat” does not just mean its network compatible. These devices can learn. A regular thermostat can be programmed to turn the heat or cooling on when a temperature goes above or below a certain threshold. This is great! It’s worked for the longest time and will continue to be a solid and dependable function. What it lacks is the ability to police itself. Smart Thermostats will learn your day to day patterns and adjust the temperature in your home automatically in the most efficient ways. If you’re not in your home for 6+ hours a day why leave the air conditioner running and pulling power to cool a house with no one in it?

Google’s Nest series of Smart Thermostats are industry leaders, sleek and appealing devices that boast connectivity with nearly any other device. These come with custom apps, presets, and energy-saving features built-in among many other perks. It’s well known that heating and cooling are the majority culprits in power bills. This brings us to–.

“BrandsMart, why should I replace my existing thermostat with a smart one?”

Do you want to cut down your energy bill, saving money while assuming complete control over the atmosphere in your home? All possible through the power of these smart devices. Imagine a home that makes no fuss about staying exactly how cool or warm you want it in the background, but can be verbally queued to raise or lower it a few degrees if you want. That’s right, these Thermostats boast connectivity with a number of different virtual voice assistants. Major savings are possible with little more than ten minutes of setup and the occasional request to Alexa, Siri or others. Nest reports that at base, smart thermostats save an average 10% on heating and 15% on cooling. This is before you factor in your personalized programming. Without a doubt these gadgets pay for themselves – and can easily do so within a year.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you should know that not only will these devices save you money and energy – they can report these things to you as well! Results, data, and metrics sent right to your phone screen for review. They’re not called smart thermostats for nothing!

“This sounds like a pretty sweet deal BrandsMart, but setup must be difficult!”

Not at all, my friend! We understand why you might think so considering just how much bang for the buck you get with these systems though. At the end of the day you should absolutely hire a licensed professional if doing so feels like the right move for you but these systems are surprisingly simple to install. If you can use a screwdriver, flip a few switches and stick color-coded wires into their proper receptacles, then you’ve got all you need to DIY. These thermostats even come programmed to walk you through their own installation in less than 30 minutes. How much smarter can you get?
Here’s a quick rundown for the technologically curious.

  1. Start by killing power to your HVAC systems through the breaker panel in your home. Doing so ensures your safety and the safety of the electrical systems while you work.
  2. Removing your old thermostat is usually as easy as a gentle pull.
  3. You’ll then disconnect the wires from the back, remove your old faceplate from the wall (usually just a few small screws), and install the new one (again, just a few small screws)
  4. Put the appropriate wires in the right place in the back of your new unit – you should label them if they are not already while doing step 3. We recommend small flags made of tape and labeled with a pen.
  5. Click your new thermostat into place and run the startup processes after returning power to it through the breaker panel. You will be walked through diagnostics, basic use tutorials and given the chance to connect it to your wireless systems at this time.

And that’s really it! You can click here to navigate to Google’s help page for more information!

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