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Remember the Jetsons family cartoon from back in the ‘80s?  George’s wife, Jane, used a device that fully dressed her, applied her makeup and everything else.  That’s every woman’s dream!

While today’s kitchens with Smart Technology are starting to make food prep easier, we still can’t press a button to request a complete turkey dinner with all the fixins or a hot fudge sundae…yet.

The Smart Home concept is nothing new.  The Chicago 1933 World’s Fair featured “Alpha” the Robot and Homes of Tomorrow.  A mere six years later at New York’s World Fair, the Smoking Robot appeared.  Microsoft even featured a Smart Home back in 1999.  So in reality, Smart Technology has been around for quite some time.  In today’s world, we’re creating homes with the Technology for a more secure, sustainable and connected way of life…and that’s not slowing down anytime soon.  In fact, Technology is speeding up to embrace current trends such as automated lights, temperature adjustments in the home, appliance scheduling, video security, text/email notifications and so much more.

There is an ever-increasing variety of options available.  According to a survey by Coldwell Banker, Smart Technology in homes has increased about 33% annually over the past five years.  Current trends suggest more than 60% of homes will feature Smart Technology by 2021.

So are you wondering if you should join the evolution revolution?  And, if so, where do you start?

Bringing Smart Technology into your home can help…

  • Protect your home and its contents with Wi-Fi connected devices
  • Keep an eye on loved ones with video monitoring
  • Reduce energy bills with smart thermostats and smart lighting
  • Turn on/off or schedule your appliances with a click of an app

At BrandsMart USA, our in-store and online experts share their knowledge behind the Technology that can help you improve your home and way of living.

Smart Refrigerators

Consider this one a large iPad that keeps your food cold and at the right temperatures.  Download apps that help you track groceries, create shopping lists, search recipes, upload photos, listen to music, receive news updates and check the weather.   Some models even self-adjust during peak energy times. Check out the Smart Refrigerators at BrandsMart USA and don’t forget to create an account or login for member exclusive pricing.

Smart Ovens/Ranges

Can you imagine checking in with your oven to see if the roast is finished cooking?  How about checking to make sure it’s turned off?  All with the touch of an app. See all Smart Ranges

Smart Kitchens

Stay in the know with all your appliances connected over Wi-Fi.  Get alerts when you need to restock on groceries, control the temperature in the refrigerator or oven and help your family stay on track with everyone’s diet plans.  Take a look at our full kitchen packages. Now that’s Smart!

In a modern 21st century Smart Home ecosystem where life travels at light speed and everyone is operating in hyper drive, the value of remotely controlling your home functions is priceless.  Seems like a pretty Smart move to increase your home’s intelligence by adding Smart Technology to make it safer, more secure and convenient in every way.

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