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GE Cafe Hub

This week, our man Wendell showed us the GE Smart Kitchen Hub Range Hood. GE really outdid themselves with this range hood. Besides being a 4-speed range hood (with a machine-washable filter!) this wide-screen smart hub comes equipped with an array of cameras and technology to turn your kitchen into command central. Here are just a few of the ways GE’s hottest tech will crank your kitchen game up to 11.

Master every recipe known to man. When this much connectivity in front of you you’ll never have to stress about cooking again. Oh man, was that a quarter cup of stock or half a cup of stock? Not a problem with the Kitchen Hub. Guided Cooking with the Flavorly App means perfect results. Keep the recipe right there in front of you or heck, watch a video on it as many times as you need. Help like that is second only to having a pro chef in the room with you. Nailed it!

Connecting at HomeBe the life of the party. The friends and fam are over for some food and drink. You can’t leave the stove while you’re cooking, but that doesn’t matter when you can run media through your GE Range Hub. Bring everyone into the kitchen! See videos and pictures. Play some music. Video chat the ones who couldn’t make it. The fun doesn’t have to stop while the food is getting started!

Share your creations. The Kitchen Hub comes equipped with downward and forward-facing cameras, allowing you to record your stovetop. Hit the fume extractor to pull away steam and you’ll have a clear shot to show everyone else how it’s done. Upload your shots and clips to your social media accounts. Stream it live to loved ones (who doesn’t want to show off to Mom or Dad?) to show them you’re taking care of yourself while video-chatting at the same time. Eating has always been a social endeavor, but with the GE Kitchen Hub, cooking is too.

Control everything from the kitchen. Check your feeds, play your music, watch your shows. Control your smart bulbs, the fridge, and even your robot vacuum from the comfort of your kitchen while simultaneously whipping some tasty up. Multitasking is a piece of cake with voice or touch control. The Kitchen Hub is a bonafide assistant. Picture this – early morning. Ew. You shuffle into the kitchen in dire need of some caffeine and while the pot heats up on the stove below, you look to the Hub and ask to see your schedule for the day. You check your emails, edit your grocery order (since you just used the last of your creamer) and have all your food shopping for the week done before the coffee is even ready. Does it get any easier?

It’s pretty obvious to us that GE had supreme connectivity and efficiency in mind when they were cooking up the Kitchen Hub. Useful for far more than keeping the airspace in the heart of your home clean, this powerful Hub just makes life easier. And that’s what smart tech is all about.

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