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Bed In a Box Mattress. What’s That?

Bed In a Box

Hey friends, welcome back to the blog! We’d like to talk today about a subject that’s both old as time and all-new simultaneously. Sleep. More specifically, the furniture you sleep on. No doubt you’ve seen advertisements for boxed beds all over your feeds, pages and videos. They’ve really taken off! As the technology behind bed in a box gets more and more cutting-edge, the curiosity behind them grows. A couple of years…

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Smart Home Spotlight

Installation Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Installing Smart Thermostats

Days are getting hotter and hotter down here in South Florida and this turned our thoughts to something indispensable in our native Sunshine State – air conditioning. BrandsMart USA takes cooling and heating seriously, so we stock as many quality models as we possibly can. Check them out here! We’d like to go a level deeper, however. Have you ever considered a smart thermostat for your home? Today’s blog was written specifically…

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Products Tips

Connect the Heart of Your Home

GE Cafe Hub

This week, our man Wendell showed us the GE Smart Kitchen Hub Range Hood. GE really outdid themselves with this range hood. Besides being a 4-speed range hood (with a machine-washable filter!) this wide-screen smart hub comes equipped with an array of cameras and technology to turn your kitchen into command central. Here are just a few of the ways GE’s hottest tech will crank your kitchen game up to 11. Master…

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5 Tips For Home Office Security

Home Office Security

More than ever, people are working from home. There are difficulties in this. On one hand, you can continue being productive – and in the process continue to keep the lights on. On the other, you are neck-deep in reports, excels, and spreadsheets while in the middle of your home, the one place where you could once relax. To some this is old news, many people have been working from home for…

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